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TD-1 Kit by AJAX-3D - Restock Pre-Order

TD-1 Kit by AJAX-3D - Restock Pre-Order

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***The TD-1 Kit is sold out, with new ones arriving in mid-late May. Orders placed are fully refundable and will ship when restocked.***

This TD-1 kit by AJAX-3D allows you to calculate Transmission Distance for all your 3D Printing Filaments. Simply print the housing and assemble to ensure accurate readings for all of your HueForge Prints! Transmission Distance tells you how much light makes it through a layer of plastic, and allows for accurate lithopanes

This Kit was developed by AJAX-3D, and here's what he says about why:

"Transmission Distance(TD) was a data point that no filament manufacturers were testing for or even mattered before HueForge. TD was difficult enough to understand let alone test right. I decided there needed to be a better way to acquire the information. So I created TD-1 to eliminate all the test swatches, light boxes, and confusion about what you were even looking for."

Jankmart chose to support AJAX-3D and is proud to carry this kit. The project is supported by AJAX-3D.

All TD-1 Resources can be found here.

Download the print files here.

MakerWorld files can be found here.

TD-1 Kit Assembly instructions here.

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